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Bountiful Breakfast

We attend to every detail, why would our breakfast be an exception? Abundant, delicious, local – if you are looking just for tags. Classic dishes like omelette, ham and eggs, bacon, unique cheese from small producers, fresh vegetables and fruits, cold-cuts, dips and sauces, spreads, mom’s sweets, yoghurts, muesli, gluten or lactose free options – to give you information.
Breakfast from 8 AM to 10 AM, taste everything and explore the city full of energy!


Many exciting drinks are available on the market. In our Garden Bar, we have selected lesser-

known, brilliant wines from mainly Hungarian producers for you. Eger wine is the base. A

special selection of great wines is offered from well-known and lesser-known wineries. There is also champagne from Eger, which stands up even at world level. There are so many excellent pálinka (Hungarian spirits), try the flavors of the house! Do you know Hungarian gins? If not, you can get to know here! And also other excitements await..


For lunch and dinner, we recommend Trifla Ivó & Konyha, just a 5-minute walk away. Its seasonal, exciting menu is a great combination of classic dishes and modern kitchen technology. Plus, guests from Margaret Garden get a discount!

Snacks all-day

You will be hungry once at some point, even after our breakfast. If you fancy a snack before dinner, or just something that goes well with the movie or your wine, ask for some finger food! Nachos, club sandwiches, chocolate bars all day long at the reception!

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