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We are a really pet-friendly place, and we are not just saying that, we really are.

Size, color, breed does not matter. The dogs are not tolerated creatures, they are real family

members at us.


We already have many guest dogs to return. Often guests book their next holiday with their pet’s  name, as their owner, because they are sure  that we immediately identify them from the dog. Maybe they are right…?

Our Sparco is a real host. He immediately smells everyone, happily wagging his tail hardly lets the guests in. The entrance fee is a caress.

And since the dog is just as much a guest as the owner, their comfort is very important to us as well, so fresh water can be found in several places in the house, dog toys await them and feeding and drinking bowls are prepared in the room.

We are ready to recommend dog-friendly restaurants, cafes, places where dogs can run, since we also go to these places.


– accommodation not only for the owner, but also for their four-legged pet(s): the dogs

number in the second step of the reservation, in the “add services” section

can be given.  Regardless of the period a surcharge of HUF 3,000 is charged per dog and per night.

– feel free to choose our half-board offer; the location of the dinner is Trifla Ivó and Konyha, a 5-minute walk from us, they are also a DOG FRIENDLY place

– Feeding and drinking bowls are prepared for each dog in the rooms, in the lobby you can always find dog toys, dog towels, and drinking bowls


–a list of dog-friendly places in Eger and its surroundings is prepared for owners so that you can take your favorites with you while exploring Eger and you can easily find a restaurant, cafe, etc. to go to together

– dog welcome by Sparco

– there are also possibilities for dog guided tours, where together with Sparco we will introduce you the beloved parts of the city center, especially pet-friendly places

– petting dog without limits

Let Margaréta Garden Eger be your next destination, for your dog as well! You will like it!

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